The Cultures and Community Open API was developed as part of the RDS supported Cultures and Community project. This project is led by eRSA and the API has been developed in support of Griffith University's Prosecution Project. The Open API enables 360° data sharing between research projects and archives or other source institutions, and is adaptable for other research projects. Join the Digital Humanities Community discussion forum to learn more about adapting the API for your own use. 

What you can do with this service

As developed for the Prosecution Project the API allows you to harvest metadata using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata harvesting (OAI-PMH). The OAI-PMH Service allows you to harvest the metadata on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis.

There is also the option to download an xml copy of the chosen jurisdiction manually if you do not have the ability to use an OAI harvester. 

Learn about OAI

To learn more about the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) and the harvesting protocol, see

We recommend the OAI for beginners tutorial from the Open Archives Forum. Please see the resources page for further online resources.

Available requests

Below you can find the available requests. The base URL for all requests is These links and requests return XML, for which you need to use an XML-aware browser or viewing application. Here is the list of available requests defined by the OAI-PMH protocol:

Prosecution Project Endpoints

Visit the Prosecution Project website to find the harvest and non-harvest endpoints.