Founders and Survivors is a collaborative project that has drawn on the records of Tasmanian convicts and their families to gather a picture of the health and lives of the approximately 73,000 men women and children who were transported to Australia. There is an astonishingly rich record of Tasmanian convicts' life, health, family, behaviour and experience. Volunteers have helped digitise and document these records, and researchers have been able to use those data to learn a great deal about diet and health, later-in-life effects of childhood diseases, economic conditions in the UK and Australian colonies, and changing attitudes to health and the family. 

Data from this project is extended through study of the service records of their descendants who served in the AIF during the First World War to gain a rich picture of the ongoing impact of policies, economic circumstances, stress and resilience over time. 

Collection of Founders and Survivors project data

Research projects using data from the Founders and Survivors project.